Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nice People

Hey Everyone! It's Noelle. I know, I know, you've all been just DYING to hear from me haven't you> It's been a long long time.

I have discovered that there are some really nice people in the world. There is a lady that is sending us a Petco card because she's just really awesome. I've never met her before and neither have Mommy and Daddy but she heard that we were having some difficulty so she jumped on her computer and sent us a card to get us some FOOOOD! She is very nice and I hope that someday someone does something really special for her.

Things have been really crazy here. I can't deal with heat or fleas very well so I have been stuck inside the house A LOT! I really want to go walking but it just makes me not feel very well. I hate this summertime thing and wish it would go away!