Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas wishes

Hello everyone, Princess Fiona here. This year I only have a few wishes for myself.

I would like, most of all, to be able to work more on my Service Dog training. I really enjoy spending time with my Daddy and showing off how well trained he is. By that I mean that I have trained him to believe that he needs me to go places with him...that way I get to go wherever he does!

I would also like a new rope toy and a fresh new Kong.

Hey! This is the one and only Noelle!

This year I want to go on more walks, more car rides, and do more work with agility training. I'd also like a swimming pool of my own instead of having to try and swim in my big drinking water thing outside.

I would also like a new baby and maybe some treats.

Oh yeah, and a new dress cuz' Mama gets really proud to take me out in public when I'm dressed all pretty!

hi there this is freckles. i had to have surgery on my knee so more than anything else in the whole world i want my leg to get all better so i can play with my sisters again. i want MY mommy to spend more time just with me and to play with me and take me for walks. i dont really play with toys very much but i do really like chewy things like bully sticks and those fake longlasting bone thinys. theyre not very longlasting though because i eat them really quickly.

Hiya, Reese reporting for blogging duty! This year I want squeeky toys, lots and lots of them. The more noise a toy makes the more I love it.

I also want to go on more walks and visits to places where there are people. I really love people.

I'd like to find my forever home, or have it easier for my foster family to officially make me theirs. I have been with them for over a year now but they are still hoping someone will come by and adopt me.

I know there are a lot of doggies that aren't as lucky as I am and don't even have a foster family of their own. A lot of doggies are stuck in shelters or out in a cold backyard this Christmas.

I am so thankful that I don't have to deal with stuff like that anymore. That's why all I'm REALLY asking for myself is squeeky toys, because you can never get enough noise!