Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RIP Sweet Fay

With much pain in my heart and tears in my eyes I am writing about a sweet little girl that I have silently been reading up on.

Fay was truly an angel in disguise, deep disguise. Upon first sight many people reacted with shock, horror and even disgust to her face. Deeply scarred, missing lips, teeth sticking out, she looked like something out of a horror movie. But if you had the courage to look beyond the face, into the eyes, there was something else there.

Fay was a true Pit Bull. She was one of many dogs taken from a dogfighting ring. Dogfighting is an extremely INhumane "sport" that only humans could have thought up. Yes, in the wild there are fights. Alphas are challenged, wandering dogs chased away, mates are won and food is fought over. But this is all for survival and rarely ends up in the bloody mess that humans seem to get a kick out of. Most of the time a wild dog fight is just a bunch of snarling, growling, posturing and maybe a few snaps. Every once in awhile it goes farther than that if neither dog will submit. But in a dogfighting ring the dogs are not ALLOWED to submit. A dog that will not fight is either torn apart as a bait dog or is tortured and murdered by the people training them. There is no escape, nowhere to run, and no mercy. Pit Bulls have been used and trained for this for decades because of their strength, stubbornness and their determination to obey and please their masters at ALL costs. That is the key that many people do not know about. Are they vicious and dangerous dogs? Not at all. They can be dog aggressive because that is what many people have bred them for, but they were also bred to be totally loyal and obedient to their human masters.

And THAT is why I say that Fay was a true Pit Bull. Even after the horrors, abuse and neglect that she faced in her short life, Fay loved. Fay was gentle and sweet and gave kisses to people young, old, healthy or disabled. She saw no disfigurement or ugliness in others. She did not see skin colour or weight. She didn't care if you were gay or straight. All she saw was that someone might have the potential in them to love.

At some point in Fay's life it is assumed that her lips were badly damaged in one of the fights. The rescuers believe that rather than taking her to a vet to have her taken care of, her owners instead used a pair of scissors and cut off the remaining lips leaving her with a damaged and exposed face. Gale Frey, the woman who was fostering her, reports that despite all that was done to her, Fay remained excited about meeting new people and exploring new places. She speaks of Fay's tail wagging so fast that it was just a blur whenever she got to do a meet n' greet and how her torn apart face would break into a big "pittie smile" with joy.

Do you have it in you to be treated like that and still learn to trust again? I know I don't. I've been hurt in the past and to this day I have extreme trust issues. Even when someone has PROVEN to me that they are worthy of my trust, I am suspicious and doubting. But not Fay. She lived to love and that is more than most people can ever say about themselves.

Fay died on December 28th after having her third surgery to try and fix some of the damage done to her. She has taken many pieces of many hearts with her, and I hope that she has time to greet all that loved her when it is our turn to cross that bridge. I hope that, along with my own animals that have gone before me, she is there to welcome me to the Land of peace, joy, love and laughter. A place where no one ever feels pain and is never made to fight for their right to be alive and to be safe. A place where humans can act more like the Pit Bulls that much of the world is labelling "dangerous" and "vicious". If we could ALL act like TRUE Pit Bulls, like Fay, this world would be a MUCH better place.


AKA The Bully Breed Buddies' Mom
If you'd like to learn more about Fay, help some of the other dogs who badly need homes, fostering and donations, or if you'd like to drop Gale Frey a line telling her how much her work is appreciated please visit...
Gale Frey

Monday, December 14, 2009

Time heals all

From Reese,

I did a very bad thing but I am back where I am safe now. The foster Mommy and Daddy decided to give me another chance but says that I don't get anymore chances with other doggies.

When they came to pick me up after I was put in that nasty cage I was really skinny and hungry. I didn't want to eat while I was there because I missed them too much. They had left my favourite blanky and my ducky but they got taken away from me.

I've been a better girl since I came back here. I'm trying really really hard to be a good dog. I don't whine when Daddy has to leave me, at least not as much. He can even put me outside in the backyard on my own and I stay nice and long as I can see him through the door anyway. I'm so happy to be back here and I try to show them that by giving them lots and lots of love. I even give kisses now, but not the really yucky crazy kind. Just little soft kisses on the nose. I think they like that.

I love my Foster Daddy so much and I am so happy that I am here and not at that bad place!


From Noelle,

Yeah yeah, that's enough out of you! I just know that Reese is one lucky dog that it was MY Mommy and Daddy who rescued her. I know I wouldn't be giving her anymore chances!!

Anyway, enough about HER. I have a little teeny scar on my temple and another one by my mouth from the first fight, but other than that I am doing okay. I hate that I have to spend so much time by myself, but Mommy says that my attitude scares her and she doesn't ever want to break up another dog fight. That means that I don't get to spend a lot of alone time with the other buddies because I get too "snippy". Plus, The Princess has been really mean to me lately and I'm not too sure why. Sometimes it isn't really my fault, like today when Freckles would NOT leave me alone. You know, sometimes you just have to put the other dogs in their place! But...Mommy says that's not allowed at all anymore. I don't bite them, I just make really mean noises and chase Freckles sometimes. So unless I can be supervised I have to stay in the bedroom. It's okay because there's lots of nice places to lay down and Valhalla, my kitty, likes to come in and sleep with me, but I can get pretty lonely sometimes.

At night Mommy brings me out into the living room with her after Reese goes to bed in her cage, and that's my favourite time! I climb up on the lazy boy with Mommy and get to cuddle and get lots of petting. Sometimes she'll play tug with me and she likes to work on my "training". I think "training" is just a new word for playing and it's extra special because there are treats and prizes when I do the right thing.

From The Princess Fiona,

All I know is that I had better start getting my fair share of The King and Queen's time. I am the best behaved dog in the whole universe but I am getting the least amount of time being worshipped and loved on. Does that sound right to you people???

I do get a nice comfy couch to sleep on and neither Noelle or Reese gets that so that is alright. I have to share with Freckles but we get along quite well, she knows that I am the boss and as long as she never forgets that we will do okay.

I have been a little cranky with Noelle since the whole situation with Reese. She was part of hurting my Daddy and the whole thing made my Mommy cry so hard that she fell to her knees. That just is not acceptable to this Princess!

So while I have the keyboard I will just send out a reminder for Mommy and Daddy to not forget the good girls in the house, myself and Freckles!

Love from The Princess Fiona

from freckles
yeah yeah, what The Princess Fiona said! dont forget about me and her. we're really really good girls and need love too! the couch thing is really cool. i would never get up on one and then the one day i was pulled up on the couch by the mommy person for some cuddles and guess what? i liked it a whole bunch.
i really like being with The Princess Fiona because she doesn't get mad at me like noelle does or try to cuddle too close like the kitties do. i wish the mary person would try to spend more time loving me since i am supposed to be her dog, but she always says she is too busy with school and work so i have to rely on the mommy and daddy people. it makes me very sad when she forgets about me but lucky for me i always have The Princess Fiona and the other people around.