Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RIP Sweet Fay

With much pain in my heart and tears in my eyes I am writing about a sweet little girl that I have silently been reading up on.

Fay was truly an angel in disguise, deep disguise. Upon first sight many people reacted with shock, horror and even disgust to her face. Deeply scarred, missing lips, teeth sticking out, she looked like something out of a horror movie. But if you had the courage to look beyond the face, into the eyes, there was something else there.

Fay was a true Pit Bull. She was one of many dogs taken from a dogfighting ring. Dogfighting is an extremely INhumane "sport" that only humans could have thought up. Yes, in the wild there are fights. Alphas are challenged, wandering dogs chased away, mates are won and food is fought over. But this is all for survival and rarely ends up in the bloody mess that humans seem to get a kick out of. Most of the time a wild dog fight is just a bunch of snarling, growling, posturing and maybe a few snaps. Every once in awhile it goes farther than that if neither dog will submit. But in a dogfighting ring the dogs are not ALLOWED to submit. A dog that will not fight is either torn apart as a bait dog or is tortured and murdered by the people training them. There is no escape, nowhere to run, and no mercy. Pit Bulls have been used and trained for this for decades because of their strength, stubbornness and their determination to obey and please their masters at ALL costs. That is the key that many people do not know about. Are they vicious and dangerous dogs? Not at all. They can be dog aggressive because that is what many people have bred them for, but they were also bred to be totally loyal and obedient to their human masters.

And THAT is why I say that Fay was a true Pit Bull. Even after the horrors, abuse and neglect that she faced in her short life, Fay loved. Fay was gentle and sweet and gave kisses to people young, old, healthy or disabled. She saw no disfigurement or ugliness in others. She did not see skin colour or weight. She didn't care if you were gay or straight. All she saw was that someone might have the potential in them to love.

At some point in Fay's life it is assumed that her lips were badly damaged in one of the fights. The rescuers believe that rather than taking her to a vet to have her taken care of, her owners instead used a pair of scissors and cut off the remaining lips leaving her with a damaged and exposed face. Gale Frey, the woman who was fostering her, reports that despite all that was done to her, Fay remained excited about meeting new people and exploring new places. She speaks of Fay's tail wagging so fast that it was just a blur whenever she got to do a meet n' greet and how her torn apart face would break into a big "pittie smile" with joy.

Do you have it in you to be treated like that and still learn to trust again? I know I don't. I've been hurt in the past and to this day I have extreme trust issues. Even when someone has PROVEN to me that they are worthy of my trust, I am suspicious and doubting. But not Fay. She lived to love and that is more than most people can ever say about themselves.

Fay died on December 28th after having her third surgery to try and fix some of the damage done to her. She has taken many pieces of many hearts with her, and I hope that she has time to greet all that loved her when it is our turn to cross that bridge. I hope that, along with my own animals that have gone before me, she is there to welcome me to the Land of peace, joy, love and laughter. A place where no one ever feels pain and is never made to fight for their right to be alive and to be safe. A place where humans can act more like the Pit Bulls that much of the world is labelling "dangerous" and "vicious". If we could ALL act like TRUE Pit Bulls, like Fay, this world would be a MUCH better place.


AKA The Bully Breed Buddies' Mom
If you'd like to learn more about Fay, help some of the other dogs who badly need homes, fostering and donations, or if you'd like to drop Gale Frey a line telling her how much her work is appreciated please visit...
Gale Frey

Monday, December 14, 2009

Time heals all

From Reese,

I did a very bad thing but I am back where I am safe now. The foster Mommy and Daddy decided to give me another chance but says that I don't get anymore chances with other doggies.

When they came to pick me up after I was put in that nasty cage I was really skinny and hungry. I didn't want to eat while I was there because I missed them too much. They had left my favourite blanky and my ducky but they got taken away from me.

I've been a better girl since I came back here. I'm trying really really hard to be a good dog. I don't whine when Daddy has to leave me, at least not as much. He can even put me outside in the backyard on my own and I stay nice and long as I can see him through the door anyway. I'm so happy to be back here and I try to show them that by giving them lots and lots of love. I even give kisses now, but not the really yucky crazy kind. Just little soft kisses on the nose. I think they like that.

I love my Foster Daddy so much and I am so happy that I am here and not at that bad place!


From Noelle,

Yeah yeah, that's enough out of you! I just know that Reese is one lucky dog that it was MY Mommy and Daddy who rescued her. I know I wouldn't be giving her anymore chances!!

Anyway, enough about HER. I have a little teeny scar on my temple and another one by my mouth from the first fight, but other than that I am doing okay. I hate that I have to spend so much time by myself, but Mommy says that my attitude scares her and she doesn't ever want to break up another dog fight. That means that I don't get to spend a lot of alone time with the other buddies because I get too "snippy". Plus, The Princess has been really mean to me lately and I'm not too sure why. Sometimes it isn't really my fault, like today when Freckles would NOT leave me alone. You know, sometimes you just have to put the other dogs in their place! But...Mommy says that's not allowed at all anymore. I don't bite them, I just make really mean noises and chase Freckles sometimes. So unless I can be supervised I have to stay in the bedroom. It's okay because there's lots of nice places to lay down and Valhalla, my kitty, likes to come in and sleep with me, but I can get pretty lonely sometimes.

At night Mommy brings me out into the living room with her after Reese goes to bed in her cage, and that's my favourite time! I climb up on the lazy boy with Mommy and get to cuddle and get lots of petting. Sometimes she'll play tug with me and she likes to work on my "training". I think "training" is just a new word for playing and it's extra special because there are treats and prizes when I do the right thing.

From The Princess Fiona,

All I know is that I had better start getting my fair share of The King and Queen's time. I am the best behaved dog in the whole universe but I am getting the least amount of time being worshipped and loved on. Does that sound right to you people???

I do get a nice comfy couch to sleep on and neither Noelle or Reese gets that so that is alright. I have to share with Freckles but we get along quite well, she knows that I am the boss and as long as she never forgets that we will do okay.

I have been a little cranky with Noelle since the whole situation with Reese. She was part of hurting my Daddy and the whole thing made my Mommy cry so hard that she fell to her knees. That just is not acceptable to this Princess!

So while I have the keyboard I will just send out a reminder for Mommy and Daddy to not forget the good girls in the house, myself and Freckles!

Love from The Princess Fiona

from freckles
yeah yeah, what The Princess Fiona said! dont forget about me and her. we're really really good girls and need love too! the couch thing is really cool. i would never get up on one and then the one day i was pulled up on the couch by the mommy person for some cuddles and guess what? i liked it a whole bunch.
i really like being with The Princess Fiona because she doesn't get mad at me like noelle does or try to cuddle too close like the kitties do. i wish the mary person would try to spend more time loving me since i am supposed to be her dog, but she always says she is too busy with school and work so i have to rely on the mommy and daddy people. it makes me very sad when she forgets about me but lucky for me i always have The Princess Fiona and the other people around.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help needed immediately!

Calling all rescues or rescuers!!

Reese needs a new home within the next week or she will end up being PTS. She needs to go to a home with NO OTHER DOGS!! We tried a second introduction after 2 months of walks with Noelle and contact through the gate and it did not go well at all. She got ahold of Noelle's face and would not let go and unfortunately Charles had to get between them. Noelle ended up biting him trying to get away from Reese. Now both dogs are in quarantine, Noelle at home and Reese at the Humane Society but there is just no way she can come back to our home at this point. We have to think of our own animals first.

Reese is one of the sweetest and most people friendly dogs I've EVER met. She is good with cats but obviously not dogs. She needs to go to someone who knows what they are doing and will give her the chance that she needs. Please help us keep this sweet baby girl alive!!!???

Sue (The Buddies' Mom)

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello to all my followers. This is, of course, The Princess Fiona.

I am very sad and depressed.

As you all know by now, we have a new foster dog named Reese. She is alright I suppose. I get to go on short walks with her and Daddy and we get to know each other a little bit. We actually just got back from a walk. That part is nice.

But, I am not getting enough time from my Daddy. We have a gate set up to keep the other Buddies and I out of the living room...which is where Reese is with my Daddy. I sing and cry and look through the bars but I cannot get to my Daddy. He says that he is trying to spend time with me, but the Reese dog makes it very hard for him. He asks me to be patient and to understand that I must share. Does he not remember that I am a Princess? Princesses do not share their Daddies. Besides, I am so well behaved and it is insulting that they think I may get into a fight. Remember....the whole Princess thing?

Last night I got to be in the living room for a while with my Daddy and the Reese dog. That was nice but not nearly enough time. I want my Daddy all to myself, all the time. He is my Daddy and I love him more than this whole wide world (my kingdom).

So you see, I have every reason to be sad. I am afraid that the Reese dog will replace me in my Daddy's heart and he will forget me forever.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reese's Piece

Hey y'all!
Just thought it was time to come on here to tell you all about ME! You already got Noelle's version, which wasn't right. I mean, c'mon now. I should have been allowed to introduce myself before that DOG had a chance to.

I don't like to talk too much about where I've been in my other life so I'll just give you a quick rundown. I was used as a breeder. I was left alone far too much and I have a lot of scars around my face from other dogs. When I was born I had my ears cut completely off to make breeding easier or whatever else my old owner had planned for me. I didn't have a lot of love given to me so I just held mine inside. Before I got to leave that place I got a bite by a big bug with 8 legs (now that's just crazy) and couldn't walk on one of my leggies. It was very swollen and it leaked nasty stuff. Okay, enough of that! Let's move on to my new life.

I was rescued by a lady outside of a bar. She brought me to a house where I was going to stay awhile but they left me alone. I escaped out a window and these people with a stinky truck picked me up and brought me to The Bad Place.

There were bars and cold floors and lots of other dogs crying to get out. I didn't have to stay there long though. The day after I got there my new "foster" parents came and got me. The Mommy cried as she sat in the cage with me and The Daddy went to get the paper stuff the man wanted in trade.

I was really scared that The Mommy was going to pick a different dog so I stayed really close to her and tried to show her that I was a very calm and well behaved dog. IT WORKED! It was raining as we drove away but to me it felt like the most beautiful spring day you could ever imagine.
The Mommy and The Daddy told me that I was a foster dog and that as soon as I was all better and "spayed" (whatever that is) I could find my forever home.

Uh huh, whatever! I've already decided where my forever home is going to be and let me tell you, you don't have to drive anywhere to get there! I'm working my magic on the Daddy the hardest because I get the feeling that he usually gets the Last Word on things. I figure that if I can make him love me the best, there's no way he'll let anyone else take me.
I am really learning to play and now that my elbow is all healed I love doing zoomies through the house or the back yard. The Mommy let me out with the other buddies but a fight happened (all Noelle's fault) so now we are kept separated. That's okay, as long as I have one of the people with me at all times I am very happy. I do not like to be alone and I make sure EVERYONE knows it.

I absolutely LOVE all people, although The Daddy really is my favourite. When they take me places I walk around very proud and try to allow everyone else to give me some love. I am a very generous dog! I don't really pay attention to the cats. They don't bug me and they don't give me love so I just ignore them.

I have an appointment to get "spayed" on November 18th. Again, I am not too sure what this means but it seems to make The Mommy happy so I suppose I will allow it. It's at a place called PETS and we went to visit it today and talk to Leslie, the owner. She was really nice. I got to have treats and lots of love from all the people there. I got to meet some dogs and cats that were in cages but The Mommy said it was okay because it was for the "spay". Oh! And Leslie is pretty sure that I can get mine For Free. That made The Mommy even happier so I have to remember that. I will do things For Free too, and then everyone will love me the very best! Right?

Note from Noelle: That fight was totally NOT MY FAULT.
Note from Mommy: It was actually my fault. I was looking at things through rose coloured glasses and gave them more trust than deserved. Hopefully down the road we can try again but for now it's separation and SMALL meetings on leash or through the gate. Lesson learned!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hey Everyone! It has been SOOO long since I got to talk to you! But today I had no choice because Mommy and Daddy did something that I am not sure of and I don't know what to do about it.
Apparantly I have a new "foster sister" whatever that means. She's got a pink nose, which I do not have, and a completely brown body, which I also do not have. But Mommy says that she's the same type of dog that I am. I don't think so! She is really whiney and won't let my Mommy be in the same room as me because she gets too lonely. So instead I am stuck on the other side of a gate and kept out of my living room and away from MY Mommy. I am very sad.

Me looking "very sad"

Mommy promises that it won't be like this all the time. She says that in a few days if we have all been good girls we will try and have us all in the same room. She also says that when Daddy or someone else is home they will take turns so none of us will be left alone.

The new dog ate my crate already and she was only in it for a little bit of time. Mommy just went to drop Daddy off at some fire place and when she came back there was a hole in MY crate! I know I don't use it anymore but it's still mine.

Anyway, I don't know how this foster thingy works. I just hope my Mommy doesn't forget about me! Here are some pictures of Reese, that is what they are calling her. As you can see, she is not as pretty as me. We'll see in a couple days just how nice she is.
From Mommy,
Hello blogger buddies. Yes, it's true. We've taken on a foster and OMG has it ever been full of drama. First of all, I found out about this poor girl through a freecycle group. A lady had gotten her from a man who was giving a BUNCH of them away outside of a bar the night before last. She took her home because she felt sorry for her but knew she couldn't keep her. So she posted that she was going to be giving her away as well. She took the little girl to a friends' house overnight and agreed that I could pick her up the following day (yesterday) after work. Well, yesterday I was so excited that I could hardly function. I went through the day bouncing off the walls and FINALLY at 6:00 I finished work. I got out to the car and Charles told me that the foster would not be happening because at 5:00 o'clock she got out of the persons' house and Animal Control got her. Well, I called Animal Control and told them we'd be there today to get her. So, after spending $100 to get her out of that horrible place we got her home.
She is not what I would get if I was looking for a pet. Her ears have been cropped, extremely short. She has scars on her face that we think was from breeding and her nipples are swollen. She has what we think is a spider bite on her elbow and cannot support any weight on it at all. BUT, she is so sweet and loving. She does not want to be left alone and can be heard crying from the sidewalk outside of our house. So, while Charles is away I am torn between my dogs, one of which is very sad and jealous, and staying with her. We had her in a crate while I dropped Charles off and yes, she bent up two of the bars within about 20 minutes. So I have no clue what we are going to do with her!
But we're going to try everything we can to get her healed and adoptable and then hopefully we will find a GREAT home for her. I'm a little nervous about that because of the ear cropping and her scars. I'm afraid that she will not be wanted. But I'll deal with that when the time comes. Right now we just need to show her that she is loved, get her trained, figure out her complete temperment and get her to the vet so she can get on the road to recovery.
And no, I did not forget about Noelle or the other girls. They will always be my best babies!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nice People

Hey Everyone! It's Noelle. I know, I know, you've all been just DYING to hear from me haven't you> It's been a long long time.

I have discovered that there are some really nice people in the world. There is a lady that is sending us a Petco card because she's just really awesome. I've never met her before and neither have Mommy and Daddy but she heard that we were having some difficulty so she jumped on her computer and sent us a card to get us some FOOOOD! She is very nice and I hope that someday someone does something really special for her.

Things have been really crazy here. I can't deal with heat or fleas very well so I have been stuck inside the house A LOT! I really want to go walking but it just makes me not feel very well. I hate this summertime thing and wish it would go away!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vet visit and AWARD!!!

Hello everyone.

Today I had another appointment with the vet. I got a different man this time and I liked him much better. He did not seem afraid of me like the other one did, which is just silly because I am a Princess. I might send one of my servants after you, but I would not dirty my own paws or mouth by doing anything to someone!

He said that my pyoderma looks like it is getting better but it is not quite there yet. Soooo, I have to go ten more days with the antibiotics, which is alright since it is given in a treat. But I also have to go two more weeks with the stinky spray which is not alright because it is stinky! I also have to keep getting it wrapped whenever I cannot be supervised because licking it is not allowed. (Which just does not seem right to me!)

I am just trying to catch up with my friends blogs and I have realized that I got a new award from Mina at which is very very cool!

This information is included with the award.

*As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

*To seek the reason why we all love blogging.

*Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.

*Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

*Answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

*Tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like.

*Don’t forget to notify the Award receivers and put their links in your post

I love blogging because it lets me vent about my sisters and their silly ways. I also love blogging because I really hope that I can reach at least one person in the world and get them thinking about the Bully Breeds and maybe, just maybe, decide that they should look into the truth behind what the media portrays. I would LOVE to change minds, but even if all I did was get someone to think than I would be doing some good. I also love blogging because it lets me make new friends from all over the world and show off how beautiful and regal I am when I post pictures.

Thank you again MINA!

And this award will also go to...

the people and dogs at Bad Rap because they do a lot of work with educating the world about us.

And also to the amazing people and animals at Vick Dog Blog
because they took in dogs when the rest of the world wanted to kill them.

Thanks so much for all that you do!
Love always,
Princess Fiona

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deep Pyoderma

Hello to all my followers and friends. This is Princess Fiona, bows are not necessary.

I have been struggling with a new problem that is driving my Mom and Dad crazy. I have deep pyoderma on my leg. This is a chronic problem, which means it will probably never completely go away. We may get it under control for awhile, but chances are it will keep coming back.
It started off as just a large pimple looking thing. Mom would pop it with just a gentle squeeze and then treat it with peroxide and triple antibiotic ointment. Unfortunately it just kept getting worse because I kept licking at it when they were not looking. So they took me to see the veterinarian. I do not really like him very much because he wants me to be on a slippery table that is very cold. It is not even padded! I do get to meet other animals sometimes though, so it is not all bad.
Anyway, he prescribed some antibiotic pills and this special spray that stings and stinks pretty bad! After a week and a half, this is what it looks like.....

It really is looking a lot better...honest!
This is me trying to avoid getting my picture taken. I did not want to look at the camera today! I vant to be alone.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


hi everyone! this is me, freckles. its been a long long time since i got to do this bloggy thing. its usually noelle cuz she always has more stuff going on for her. but now its my turn again! im making some big steps with the black cat of death. not a whole bunch cuz im still ascared of her but Meemaw caught us cuddling the other day. so she took a picture.

when i saw the flash i realized what the black cat of death was doing (cuddling me) i got up and ran away.

we got a new car and theres a special place in it just for me cuz i dont like to see the world moving past me that fastly. the Man Person says its a hatch back, which means i can sit in my own special place in the back and i hardly see anything from back there.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hey everybody! Noelle here again. I just had a random thought and was wondering what others thought about it.

Y'all know how hard I try to be a good girl, and ya know that my Mama sometimes cries because she can't get through to me. Well, she met a guy that gets called The Dogman by people in our town and he said that he thinks he could work with me and make me a better dog.

Now I don't know if I could EVER be as good as Hector, who was a Vick's dog but is now a CGC certificate holder AND a certified therapy dog, but maybe I could be the dog my Mama keeps saying is inside me. The only problem is, he wants $150 for the 6 sessions and he wants me to be given a blood test that will cost another $100. That's a lot of money for my family!

I know my family really loves me, and they will come up with the money somehow but it sure would be nice if I could get a scholarship to help them out! What do you think?

And PLEASE don't say that if you don't have a lot of money you shouldn't have a dog. My people are poor but they take really good care of us. There are so many dogs that are not wanted that it just isn't right that people say that families like mine shouldn't exist.

If not for my Mama and Daddy Fiona would have stayed in a lonely back yard without any attention or exercise. Freckles would have been abandonned out in the country, and who knows what kind of people would have wanted an aggressive type dog like me. My Mama and Daddy saved us and that's all there is to say about THAT subject!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm a good helper

Hi Everyone!

This week I've had two days where I was really good and Mama said she was proud of me. Today she was so surprised that she almost started to cry. My humansister had left the gate to the rabbit room open and as soon as I saw it I headed straight through. Well, Mama said, "Uh uh uh, get your butt outta there!" and I DID!!!! I listened right away! Then, when Fiona was getting up on the dog bed with me, I got off and let her get on and comfortable before climbing back on myself. Normally I growl really mean even though I always let her on. I just like to grumble so that she knows that I'm not happy. Today I didn't make the teeniest noise about it.

Mama did this thing called dying her hair. I love water so much that I was helpin' her. Well, I tried to anyway. Right after this picture was taken I jumped in the bathtub to chase the water so Daddy had to come and take me out of the room. I was just tryin' to help, honest!

Mama says that this picture is not very flattering to her and she's a bit embarrassed, but I love her no matter what!

♥ Noelle ♥

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i was very very brave tonight. meemaw was very very surprised. we went outside for our last pee at about 12:30 and there was a mean mean animal out in the back alley. meemaw couldnt see it so she cant tell me what it was called but i got all my fur to stand up on end and i growled at it like the wolfies do on tv. meemaw said that i looked very scary. noelle and The Princess Fiona stood on either side of me with our shoulders touching and did the same thing. it was kinda like we were just one giant dog with three heads. even when we ran along the fence chasing the evil one we stayed touching shoulders. we just moved as one, like a machine thingy.

i just wish i knew what the creature monster was so i could show just how brave i really was. The Man Person thinks it was probably a raccoon because meemaw could hear it growling back at us but noone is sure. oh well, at least i know that i was brave!

love always and always

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New friend?

We got to meet a new little friend today! I say little because, oh my goodness gracious, he was TINY! Mommy told us that his name is Nacho and he is a teacup chihuahua. He was running loose and playing with us at our fence. We were pretty growly with him because we do not like other dogs near our yard but once Mommy picked him up and brought him over we loved him. Silly Mommy was a little bit scared that we would try to bite him so she held him really close and let us sniff him one at a time. I gave him a HUGE kiss (my tongue pretty much covered his whole body) and she told me that I was a GOOD GIRL! I had to smile at that because I could not believe she even doubted me for a second!

Then it was Noelle's turn. Now even I was a little bit nervous about that because we ALL know how mean Noelle can be if she is in a mood but she did great! Instead of one big kiss she gave Nacho a whole bunch of little ones. I was so proud of her and so was Mommy and Mary.

Then it was Freckles' turn. Silly dog. She was too scared to even sniff the teeny thing. I would have laughed if I knew how to make that noise properly.

Anyway, that was the only thing exciting that happened today. Mommy found Nacho's home and gave him back but maybe someday we can all have a little dog like that too.

Love always,
Princess Fiona

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Noelle's apology

I did a very bad thing today and it made my Mommy really mad. She came into the bedroom to cuddle me and when she sat down on the doggy bed I growled at her. She got so mad and I thought I was done living here. She yelled at me and made me get off the bed cuz it's a p..r..i..v..i...l...e...d...g...e to have a doggy couch and not a right. Then Daddy made me lay down on a pillow on the FLOOR for the evening! I knew I had messed up and tried really hard to lay down at Mommy's feet and just be a good girl. I got distracted a couple times by the kitty but when Daddy told me to lay back down I did right away.

A couple good things happened today though. I got to go for a car ride to the park and climb a big mountain. Mommy hurt her knee so we had to be really slow going back down. And then I got to go for ANOTHER car ride to go pick up my human sister from work. I love car rides more then almost anything.

But I've just had a bad day other then that. I couldn't stop being bad at all. Mommy said the growling thing was the "last straw!" in her day with me. I'm really really REALLY sorry Mommy!

From Mommy: We are trying to get Noelle into training with someone in town who is known as "The Dogman". He's supposed to be really good at dealing with problem dogs, and has retrained many dogs that were seen as untrainable. Hopefully we can figure out a way to get her in because I KNOW in my heart that Noelle is a good dog inside. I just can't seem to find the trick in getting to her when she gets into her bad behavior days. If it was all the time it would be different, but she is so unpredictable and that makes her a bit of a danger. Hope we can get the problem fixed and my sweet little girl can be known to more people then just our family! On a good note, I DID get the absolute best picture of Noelle EVER. Made me laugh so hard I cried.

Yeah, she laughed at me a lot. I don't know where my other ear went. I honesty DO have two of them!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honesty Meme

Princess Fiona:
1. I think that I am better then everyone else around me.
2. I do not understand why I am made to lay down on the floor with the dogs. Do I LOOK like a dog to you?
3. I despise getting wet.
4. I wish I never had to leave my Daddy's lap.
5. I really do like the other buddies.
6. I like eating toilet paper.
7. I feel pretty when I wear nail polish.
8. I wish everyone who passed by our yard would reach over the fence and pet me.
9. I admit it, sometimes I start spats with Noelle just to get her in trouble for her attitude.
10. I can sleep for 10 hours straight unless Daddy is also trying to sleep. Then I wake up about 3 times to go outside.

1. I'm not really mean, just scared.
2. I really want to eat that rabbit.
3. I have the best whine and know how to get Mommy's attention.
4. I don't really forget the rules, I just pretend.
5. I want people to like me.
6. I miss my binky.
7. I don't know if I can ever forgive Freckles for wrecking my binky.
8. I want to meet a cow. Not sure what I'll do if I get to, but I want to anyway.
9. I don't like to share, especially my babies, because I take care of my toys properly.
10. I get really sad when Mommy is mad at me, but sometimes I ignore her just to see how far I can push.

1. i dont like the black kitty.
4. the white kitty confuses me.
9. the rabbits kinda scare me.
7. i wish MY Mommy was around more.
6. i like eating toys.
2. i feel safer outside because theres no kitties.
5. i really really love The Princess Fiona and Noelle. i am lonely when im without them.
3. i dont like the car, but i like going to different places for walks.
8. im always hungry and think i should get more food.
11. i really really love getting as dirty as i can but i hate when Meemaw puts me in that bath thing.
10. i dont know how to count.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Freckles' fears

Hi there everybody.

I'm really really ascared today. Meemaw and the man person have a big huge black kitty cat. They think he's really really sweet but he's not! He scares me a whole bunch. When he comes into the room I run away and try to hide. If the people aren't around then I will hide behind The Princess Fiona but if they are then I will get as close to them as I can.

I know I'm the biggest dog here and it's just a kitty cat. Noelle laughs at me all the time cuz she's not ascared of him. But I am. There's mean thoughts going on in that fuzzy head of his and I just know he wants to eat me or somethin'. Oh no, he's comin'. I gotta go!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Challenge picture

Hello Everyone! Princess Fiona here to accept this challenge. The goal is to go to the 5th folder on your computer and pick the 5th picture. I could not go to the right folder but I did go to my Mommy's "pet" folder. Unfortunately, it is not of me but of my little Sister Noelle. I remember this day very well. Mommy and Daddy had just brought this thing home and were not quite sure of how I would react yet. So they put her in a smaller fenced in area of our fenced in yard. That way I could sniff her without her being in any danger. As if she would be. Like always, I was perfect. I was not completely sure of what she was, but I knew that I could not be rough with her. As she got bigger I got a little bit rougher, but not once did I cause her to yelp or cry out in pain. She DID however get me a few times.

Mean Mommy

Hey everyone! This is Noelle and I'm not a very happy girl right now. Do you know what my Mommy did? No? Well let me just tell you then!

Yesterday morning I woke up and like every morning we had lots of animals in the house. There's us three dogs, three cats, a bunch of fish and birds and two rabbits. Those rabbits drive me crazy. I know they're there. I can smell them. Every once in awhile I can hear them. And if I get really lucky, sometimes I am allowed to go see them. They are kept in big metal wire cages so I can't touch them, but I can get my nose RIGHT next to them.

Okay, so all that is normal. But here's what happened that ISN'T normal. I LOST MY CAGE!!!!! I was playing outside like I always do on nice days. Mommy and Daddy went out with the human sister, which is normal. But when they came back the human sister was gone and they were carrying a little black bag. When I went in later that day, my big cage was gone! Now, I don't really need the cage. I never use it unless I'm being really bad and then Mommy puts me in it for a time out. But lately she's just been putting me in the room by myself and not bothering with the cage. But even so, it's MINE! So I searched around for it and guess what? I FOUND IT! In the rabbit room. With a NEW rabbit in it!!! So now not only is there another rabbit in the house that I'm not allowed to eat, but it's in MY CAGE!!!
Nope, not very happy at all!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Wooo hooo, I get to try this now!

My name is Freckles and I am just over a year old. I'm not supposed to be living here anymore but my Mommy wouldn't let HER Mommy and Daddy get rid of me. (hee hee hee)

My Meemaw (the one that does all this typing for us) is part of this group on the computer thingy called Freecycle. Well one day she read this thing that said that someone had a "Pit Bull" and they were afraid it would hurt their little kids. That "Pit Bull" was me even though that's not even what I am. I am a Boxer/Lab mix, and we think I have a bit of Greyhound thrown in. Well, my Meemaw loves the "Pit Bull" type doggies and was really mad when she read that they were scared of a little puppy so she went to get me. She thought she would pick me up and keep me for just a little bit until she could find a good home for me. I guess a lot of people do mean things to the "Pit Bull" doggies and she didn't want that to happen to me.
She went to get me and the other people had kept me all locked up by myself with no food, water or even lights and heat. I was really really scared so I cried a lot. Meemaw could hear me but couldn't get to me until the other people brought me out. I was only about 2 months old so I don't know why they thought I'd hurt anyone.

She brought me home and I got to meet Fiona and Noelle. Fiona didn't really care about me too much at first but Noelle did. It was so nice to have someone to play with and I chased her all around the yard. Fiona warmed up to me after awhile, but from the very start Noelle thought I was her very own little puppy.

When my Mommy saw me she made a lot of noise like she was hurt, but really she was just really excited to see me. She begged and cried and whined until her Mommy, who is my Meemaw, said that she could keep me but that she would have to pay for all my stuff. She said yes so now I am here to stay!!!

I'm not a really really smart doggie, but I AM really really nice. I am a little bit ascared of strangers but I don't bite them or anything, I just run away and hide behind my Mommy. I listen to what I'm told really good as long as I understand what exactly it is that I am being told to do. Sometimes I get really really confused and then I just lay down.

Fiona really loves me now and I spend most of the time with her. Noelle still loves me a lot but she scares me when she gets cranky.

My Mommy works and goes to school so I don't get to see her very much but I really really love when I DO get to spend time with her. Sometimes I wiggle around so much that my hip and my nose touch. Meemaw laughs at me when I do that because I walk that way and I look like a donut. My favourite things to do are to get dirty, get wet, get dirty again, chase Fiona and Noelle and cuddle with my Mommy, Meemaw and the Man Person. I know they really love me cuz they tell me I'm a good girl all the time, even if I have a really really confused day or if I get really really dirty!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Turn!!!!!


I'm Noelle, the American Pit Bull Terrier and my Momma's baby. The "Princess" got her turn to tell you about herself, so now it's mine!

After my Momma got back from being in Canada for 10 months because of stupid immigration stuff (that's when you have to get permission to live in a different country) she decided she wanted her own little puppy to raise and love. She found a guy who was selling "Pits" and decided to go check them out. There were two different puppies that interested her, my sister and MOI (that means "me" in french) but I showed a little more attitude and won my Momma's heart. The guy who had my birth Mom told Momma that I was 6 weeks old but I really wasn't. When Momma asked when my birthday was, he told her and by doing simple math, it came out that I was only 4 weeks old!

Too young to be away from my siblings but I had already been brought to my new home by then. So Momma had to get some special milk for me to grow up big and strong. It worked, a little too well. In 4 weeks I went from being a little over 1 pound, to 10 pounds.
And then 4 weeks after that, I was 20 pounds. It started to slow down after that and now at 2 years old I am a healthy 51 pounds. Because I left my first home so early I picked up some pretty strange habits. I smile. Not like a proper dog smile but like a human. I show all my teeth and wrinkle my nose up and smile just like my Mommy does. Sometimes people think it's scary, but once they get to know me they see that it's just how I say hi to them. Speaking of people, I don't really like meeting new ones. Ya see, when I was 6 months old my Mommy and Daddy decided to get me fixed. I tried to tell them not to worry about it, that I would be a good girl and not get pregnant but they just wouldn't listen. They didn't have a lot of money so they brought me to this "Low cost" place. It was a big mistake. They were mean to me there. I don't know why. They said that I was a "bad dog" but before that I hadn't had any problems at all. They just didn't like me. After that I never trusted new people again, especially ones I met outside of my home. You never know who is a bad stranger and what they might do to you.

So now my Momma and Daddy have some problems with me. They say I have something called "fixation and fear aggression". Fixation means that when I decide I am interested in something it is very hard for me to break my concentration on it. Sometimes that gets me in trouble because I want to bully two of the cats that live with us but I really do try to be good. Fear aggression means that I don't go after people and try to bite them, but if they get too close to me I get really mean sounding and try to get away. I figure that if I show them how mean I can be they will leave me alone and not hurt me. Except it upsets my people. My Momma sometimes cries because she wants me to be a good girl, and I really do want to be, but I just can't. Not when people get too close.

At home I'm usually pretty great though. That's what my Mommy tells me anyway. I love her so much and I know she loves me too. She says that she doesn't know how she could handle life without me. I make her laugh more then anything or anyone else ever has.

I really, and I mean REALLY, like water. I love to be splashed, sprayed or to go swimming. That is my favourite thing in the whole world (other then Momma that is). I could play in the water all day and night and never need to rest. I like car rides and walks too, but nothing is more fun then going swimming or playing in the hose. I can jump REALLY high when there's water splashing.

I have a big voice but really I'm just a little girl who is scared of being hurt again. But as long as I've got my Momma close by I know she'll make sure I'm okay.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Princess Fiona

Hello to you all!

This is my chance to tell you about myself. Of course, it surprises me that you do not already know who I am. After all, I AM a Princess. I did not always carry this title though. Perhaps you knew me before I realized how wonderful I am.

I showed up one cold October night on my parent's front porch. My Daddy (The King) was not very smart about us "Bully Breeds" yet and he was afraid of me. He brought out the hose and sprayed me down, trying to get me to go home. The problem with that was, I did not have a home worth going to. So now I was cold, lonely and wet. I curled up in a little ball and just waited. About two hours later the people came outside again. By this time I was so cold that I couldn't stop shivering. While my Mommy (the Queen) could not take it, and she got right down on the ground and called me over in a very gentle voice. I did not hesitate at all. I went over to her and showed her just how sweet I could be. They decided to keep me overnight and see how I behaved. Obviously I behaved perfectly.

My Mommy decided I looked like a little ogre (which I do not think is quite true) so they named me Princess Fiona. As soon as I heard the name I warmed right up inside. I finally had a home with people who would love me and treat me right. Plus, I began a revolution inside my new family's house. Because of the love I was able to show them, I introduced them to the positive side of the Bully Breeds. Now, they do everything they can to spread the truth about Breed Specific Legislation and the pain and anguish it causes innocent animals and their families.
I am Princess Fiona, an American Staffordshire Terrier and I am loved very much by my family.

I am my Daddy's best friend and he is mine. I do not know what he would do without me. I do not think he knows either.