Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New friend?

We got to meet a new little friend today! I say little because, oh my goodness gracious, he was TINY! Mommy told us that his name is Nacho and he is a teacup chihuahua. He was running loose and playing with us at our fence. We were pretty growly with him because we do not like other dogs near our yard but once Mommy picked him up and brought him over we loved him. Silly Mommy was a little bit scared that we would try to bite him so she held him really close and let us sniff him one at a time. I gave him a HUGE kiss (my tongue pretty much covered his whole body) and she told me that I was a GOOD GIRL! I had to smile at that because I could not believe she even doubted me for a second!

Then it was Noelle's turn. Now even I was a little bit nervous about that because we ALL know how mean Noelle can be if she is in a mood but she did great! Instead of one big kiss she gave Nacho a whole bunch of little ones. I was so proud of her and so was Mommy and Mary.

Then it was Freckles' turn. Silly dog. She was too scared to even sniff the teeny thing. I would have laughed if I knew how to make that noise properly.

Anyway, that was the only thing exciting that happened today. Mommy found Nacho's home and gave him back but maybe someday we can all have a little dog like that too.

Love always,
Princess Fiona


  1. Sounds like all of you were being very good. I live with 2 little dogs, they are not that little, but much smaller than me. They like to boss me around!

  2. I thought we were pretty good. Mommy really wants to get a chihuahua but will not until she knows she can trust Noelle. She is afraid that if Noelle snaps at one she will do a lot of damage. So until she can get Noelle (the brat) in for her issues (Canine Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has been suggested) there will be no little dogs in our home.
    Princess Fiona

  3. Hmm I thinks the good thang about little dawgs is that they cannot steal yer toys cause they are no match fer you. Star likes to squash little dawgs cause she does not know how to be gentle. I likes to squash little dawgs too but it is cause they are usually in my way. I likes to squash big dawgs and people too fer the same reeson but that is beside the point. Mummy sez no little dawgs in our house and that soots me jest fine. No big dawgs ether I sez!

    Our naybors everywhere have Chiwawas. They is popular dawgs here but I thinks they is too barky bark fer an old man like me. I likes my peace and quiet. Star is ruining that fer me alreddy. :(

    Yer pal Dozer