Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i was very very brave tonight. meemaw was very very surprised. we went outside for our last pee at about 12:30 and there was a mean mean animal out in the back alley. meemaw couldnt see it so she cant tell me what it was called but i got all my fur to stand up on end and i growled at it like the wolfies do on tv. meemaw said that i looked very scary. noelle and The Princess Fiona stood on either side of me with our shoulders touching and did the same thing. it was kinda like we were just one giant dog with three heads. even when we ran along the fence chasing the evil one we stayed touching shoulders. we just moved as one, like a machine thingy.

i just wish i knew what the creature monster was so i could show just how brave i really was. The Man Person thinks it was probably a raccoon because meemaw could hear it growling back at us but noone is sure. oh well, at least i know that i was brave!

love always and always


  1. Good job, Freckles. I took on a 'possum once but he didn't growl so much as collapse upon the ground. I thought I killed him (which I didn't mean to do) but the minion says I just stunned him with my pounce and pink nose of doom. Darn straight.

    If it was a raccoon, just be careful. I hear they can tear apart garbage bins as well as cats. Which I'm not sure is a bad thing (don't tell my minion I just said that). Just saying.

    Miss Mina

  2. Wow you guys became a mythical 3 headed dog!

  3. Wow Freckles... you, Noelle and Princess Fiona are very brave doggies! Be careful, I've heard that raccoons can be mean (although I'm sure they're no match for the 3-Headed Giant Dog Machine Thingy.)

    Your Pal,

  4. Ooo raccoons is mean thangs! Mummy catched one once when she didnt mean to. She wuz trying to catch a kitty in a boks and boy wuz she surprised! I wuz surprised too cause I went to go see the kitty and it wuz not a kitty and it tryed to eat me even tho it wuz stuck in the boks. So good job scaring that critter away jest in case it wuz an evil raccoon.

    Yer pal Dozer