Thursday, February 26, 2009

Noelle's apology

I did a very bad thing today and it made my Mommy really mad. She came into the bedroom to cuddle me and when she sat down on the doggy bed I growled at her. She got so mad and I thought I was done living here. She yelled at me and made me get off the bed cuz it's a p..r..i..v..i...l...e...d...g...e to have a doggy couch and not a right. Then Daddy made me lay down on a pillow on the FLOOR for the evening! I knew I had messed up and tried really hard to lay down at Mommy's feet and just be a good girl. I got distracted a couple times by the kitty but when Daddy told me to lay back down I did right away.

A couple good things happened today though. I got to go for a car ride to the park and climb a big mountain. Mommy hurt her knee so we had to be really slow going back down. And then I got to go for ANOTHER car ride to go pick up my human sister from work. I love car rides more then almost anything.

But I've just had a bad day other then that. I couldn't stop being bad at all. Mommy said the growling thing was the "last straw!" in her day with me. I'm really really REALLY sorry Mommy!

From Mommy: We are trying to get Noelle into training with someone in town who is known as "The Dogman". He's supposed to be really good at dealing with problem dogs, and has retrained many dogs that were seen as untrainable. Hopefully we can figure out a way to get her in because I KNOW in my heart that Noelle is a good dog inside. I just can't seem to find the trick in getting to her when she gets into her bad behavior days. If it was all the time it would be different, but she is so unpredictable and that makes her a bit of a danger. Hope we can get the problem fixed and my sweet little girl can be known to more people then just our family! On a good note, I DID get the absolute best picture of Noelle EVER. Made me laugh so hard I cried.

Yeah, she laughed at me a lot. I don't know where my other ear went. I honesty DO have two of them!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honesty Meme

Princess Fiona:
1. I think that I am better then everyone else around me.
2. I do not understand why I am made to lay down on the floor with the dogs. Do I LOOK like a dog to you?
3. I despise getting wet.
4. I wish I never had to leave my Daddy's lap.
5. I really do like the other buddies.
6. I like eating toilet paper.
7. I feel pretty when I wear nail polish.
8. I wish everyone who passed by our yard would reach over the fence and pet me.
9. I admit it, sometimes I start spats with Noelle just to get her in trouble for her attitude.
10. I can sleep for 10 hours straight unless Daddy is also trying to sleep. Then I wake up about 3 times to go outside.

1. I'm not really mean, just scared.
2. I really want to eat that rabbit.
3. I have the best whine and know how to get Mommy's attention.
4. I don't really forget the rules, I just pretend.
5. I want people to like me.
6. I miss my binky.
7. I don't know if I can ever forgive Freckles for wrecking my binky.
8. I want to meet a cow. Not sure what I'll do if I get to, but I want to anyway.
9. I don't like to share, especially my babies, because I take care of my toys properly.
10. I get really sad when Mommy is mad at me, but sometimes I ignore her just to see how far I can push.

1. i dont like the black kitty.
4. the white kitty confuses me.
9. the rabbits kinda scare me.
7. i wish MY Mommy was around more.
6. i like eating toys.
2. i feel safer outside because theres no kitties.
5. i really really love The Princess Fiona and Noelle. i am lonely when im without them.
3. i dont like the car, but i like going to different places for walks.
8. im always hungry and think i should get more food.
11. i really really love getting as dirty as i can but i hate when Meemaw puts me in that bath thing.
10. i dont know how to count.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Freckles' fears

Hi there everybody.

I'm really really ascared today. Meemaw and the man person have a big huge black kitty cat. They think he's really really sweet but he's not! He scares me a whole bunch. When he comes into the room I run away and try to hide. If the people aren't around then I will hide behind The Princess Fiona but if they are then I will get as close to them as I can.

I know I'm the biggest dog here and it's just a kitty cat. Noelle laughs at me all the time cuz she's not ascared of him. But I am. There's mean thoughts going on in that fuzzy head of his and I just know he wants to eat me or somethin'. Oh no, he's comin'. I gotta go!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Challenge picture

Hello Everyone! Princess Fiona here to accept this challenge. The goal is to go to the 5th folder on your computer and pick the 5th picture. I could not go to the right folder but I did go to my Mommy's "pet" folder. Unfortunately, it is not of me but of my little Sister Noelle. I remember this day very well. Mommy and Daddy had just brought this thing home and were not quite sure of how I would react yet. So they put her in a smaller fenced in area of our fenced in yard. That way I could sniff her without her being in any danger. As if she would be. Like always, I was perfect. I was not completely sure of what she was, but I knew that I could not be rough with her. As she got bigger I got a little bit rougher, but not once did I cause her to yelp or cry out in pain. She DID however get me a few times.

Mean Mommy

Hey everyone! This is Noelle and I'm not a very happy girl right now. Do you know what my Mommy did? No? Well let me just tell you then!

Yesterday morning I woke up and like every morning we had lots of animals in the house. There's us three dogs, three cats, a bunch of fish and birds and two rabbits. Those rabbits drive me crazy. I know they're there. I can smell them. Every once in awhile I can hear them. And if I get really lucky, sometimes I am allowed to go see them. They are kept in big metal wire cages so I can't touch them, but I can get my nose RIGHT next to them.

Okay, so all that is normal. But here's what happened that ISN'T normal. I LOST MY CAGE!!!!! I was playing outside like I always do on nice days. Mommy and Daddy went out with the human sister, which is normal. But when they came back the human sister was gone and they were carrying a little black bag. When I went in later that day, my big cage was gone! Now, I don't really need the cage. I never use it unless I'm being really bad and then Mommy puts me in it for a time out. But lately she's just been putting me in the room by myself and not bothering with the cage. But even so, it's MINE! So I searched around for it and guess what? I FOUND IT! In the rabbit room. With a NEW rabbit in it!!! So now not only is there another rabbit in the house that I'm not allowed to eat, but it's in MY CAGE!!!
Nope, not very happy at all!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Wooo hooo, I get to try this now!

My name is Freckles and I am just over a year old. I'm not supposed to be living here anymore but my Mommy wouldn't let HER Mommy and Daddy get rid of me. (hee hee hee)

My Meemaw (the one that does all this typing for us) is part of this group on the computer thingy called Freecycle. Well one day she read this thing that said that someone had a "Pit Bull" and they were afraid it would hurt their little kids. That "Pit Bull" was me even though that's not even what I am. I am a Boxer/Lab mix, and we think I have a bit of Greyhound thrown in. Well, my Meemaw loves the "Pit Bull" type doggies and was really mad when she read that they were scared of a little puppy so she went to get me. She thought she would pick me up and keep me for just a little bit until she could find a good home for me. I guess a lot of people do mean things to the "Pit Bull" doggies and she didn't want that to happen to me.
She went to get me and the other people had kept me all locked up by myself with no food, water or even lights and heat. I was really really scared so I cried a lot. Meemaw could hear me but couldn't get to me until the other people brought me out. I was only about 2 months old so I don't know why they thought I'd hurt anyone.

She brought me home and I got to meet Fiona and Noelle. Fiona didn't really care about me too much at first but Noelle did. It was so nice to have someone to play with and I chased her all around the yard. Fiona warmed up to me after awhile, but from the very start Noelle thought I was her very own little puppy.

When my Mommy saw me she made a lot of noise like she was hurt, but really she was just really excited to see me. She begged and cried and whined until her Mommy, who is my Meemaw, said that she could keep me but that she would have to pay for all my stuff. She said yes so now I am here to stay!!!

I'm not a really really smart doggie, but I AM really really nice. I am a little bit ascared of strangers but I don't bite them or anything, I just run away and hide behind my Mommy. I listen to what I'm told really good as long as I understand what exactly it is that I am being told to do. Sometimes I get really really confused and then I just lay down.

Fiona really loves me now and I spend most of the time with her. Noelle still loves me a lot but she scares me when she gets cranky.

My Mommy works and goes to school so I don't get to see her very much but I really really love when I DO get to spend time with her. Sometimes I wiggle around so much that my hip and my nose touch. Meemaw laughs at me when I do that because I walk that way and I look like a donut. My favourite things to do are to get dirty, get wet, get dirty again, chase Fiona and Noelle and cuddle with my Mommy, Meemaw and the Man Person. I know they really love me cuz they tell me I'm a good girl all the time, even if I have a really really confused day or if I get really really dirty!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Turn!!!!!


I'm Noelle, the American Pit Bull Terrier and my Momma's baby. The "Princess" got her turn to tell you about herself, so now it's mine!

After my Momma got back from being in Canada for 10 months because of stupid immigration stuff (that's when you have to get permission to live in a different country) she decided she wanted her own little puppy to raise and love. She found a guy who was selling "Pits" and decided to go check them out. There were two different puppies that interested her, my sister and MOI (that means "me" in french) but I showed a little more attitude and won my Momma's heart. The guy who had my birth Mom told Momma that I was 6 weeks old but I really wasn't. When Momma asked when my birthday was, he told her and by doing simple math, it came out that I was only 4 weeks old!

Too young to be away from my siblings but I had already been brought to my new home by then. So Momma had to get some special milk for me to grow up big and strong. It worked, a little too well. In 4 weeks I went from being a little over 1 pound, to 10 pounds.
And then 4 weeks after that, I was 20 pounds. It started to slow down after that and now at 2 years old I am a healthy 51 pounds. Because I left my first home so early I picked up some pretty strange habits. I smile. Not like a proper dog smile but like a human. I show all my teeth and wrinkle my nose up and smile just like my Mommy does. Sometimes people think it's scary, but once they get to know me they see that it's just how I say hi to them. Speaking of people, I don't really like meeting new ones. Ya see, when I was 6 months old my Mommy and Daddy decided to get me fixed. I tried to tell them not to worry about it, that I would be a good girl and not get pregnant but they just wouldn't listen. They didn't have a lot of money so they brought me to this "Low cost" place. It was a big mistake. They were mean to me there. I don't know why. They said that I was a "bad dog" but before that I hadn't had any problems at all. They just didn't like me. After that I never trusted new people again, especially ones I met outside of my home. You never know who is a bad stranger and what they might do to you.

So now my Momma and Daddy have some problems with me. They say I have something called "fixation and fear aggression". Fixation means that when I decide I am interested in something it is very hard for me to break my concentration on it. Sometimes that gets me in trouble because I want to bully two of the cats that live with us but I really do try to be good. Fear aggression means that I don't go after people and try to bite them, but if they get too close to me I get really mean sounding and try to get away. I figure that if I show them how mean I can be they will leave me alone and not hurt me. Except it upsets my people. My Momma sometimes cries because she wants me to be a good girl, and I really do want to be, but I just can't. Not when people get too close.

At home I'm usually pretty great though. That's what my Mommy tells me anyway. I love her so much and I know she loves me too. She says that she doesn't know how she could handle life without me. I make her laugh more then anything or anyone else ever has.

I really, and I mean REALLY, like water. I love to be splashed, sprayed or to go swimming. That is my favourite thing in the whole world (other then Momma that is). I could play in the water all day and night and never need to rest. I like car rides and walks too, but nothing is more fun then going swimming or playing in the hose. I can jump REALLY high when there's water splashing.

I have a big voice but really I'm just a little girl who is scared of being hurt again. But as long as I've got my Momma close by I know she'll make sure I'm okay.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Princess Fiona

Hello to you all!

This is my chance to tell you about myself. Of course, it surprises me that you do not already know who I am. After all, I AM a Princess. I did not always carry this title though. Perhaps you knew me before I realized how wonderful I am.

I showed up one cold October night on my parent's front porch. My Daddy (The King) was not very smart about us "Bully Breeds" yet and he was afraid of me. He brought out the hose and sprayed me down, trying to get me to go home. The problem with that was, I did not have a home worth going to. So now I was cold, lonely and wet. I curled up in a little ball and just waited. About two hours later the people came outside again. By this time I was so cold that I couldn't stop shivering. While my Mommy (the Queen) could not take it, and she got right down on the ground and called me over in a very gentle voice. I did not hesitate at all. I went over to her and showed her just how sweet I could be. They decided to keep me overnight and see how I behaved. Obviously I behaved perfectly.

My Mommy decided I looked like a little ogre (which I do not think is quite true) so they named me Princess Fiona. As soon as I heard the name I warmed right up inside. I finally had a home with people who would love me and treat me right. Plus, I began a revolution inside my new family's house. Because of the love I was able to show them, I introduced them to the positive side of the Bully Breeds. Now, they do everything they can to spread the truth about Breed Specific Legislation and the pain and anguish it causes innocent animals and their families.
I am Princess Fiona, an American Staffordshire Terrier and I am loved very much by my family.

I am my Daddy's best friend and he is mine. I do not know what he would do without me. I do not think he knows either.