Friday, February 6, 2009

My Turn!!!!!


I'm Noelle, the American Pit Bull Terrier and my Momma's baby. The "Princess" got her turn to tell you about herself, so now it's mine!

After my Momma got back from being in Canada for 10 months because of stupid immigration stuff (that's when you have to get permission to live in a different country) she decided she wanted her own little puppy to raise and love. She found a guy who was selling "Pits" and decided to go check them out. There were two different puppies that interested her, my sister and MOI (that means "me" in french) but I showed a little more attitude and won my Momma's heart. The guy who had my birth Mom told Momma that I was 6 weeks old but I really wasn't. When Momma asked when my birthday was, he told her and by doing simple math, it came out that I was only 4 weeks old!

Too young to be away from my siblings but I had already been brought to my new home by then. So Momma had to get some special milk for me to grow up big and strong. It worked, a little too well. In 4 weeks I went from being a little over 1 pound, to 10 pounds.
And then 4 weeks after that, I was 20 pounds. It started to slow down after that and now at 2 years old I am a healthy 51 pounds. Because I left my first home so early I picked up some pretty strange habits. I smile. Not like a proper dog smile but like a human. I show all my teeth and wrinkle my nose up and smile just like my Mommy does. Sometimes people think it's scary, but once they get to know me they see that it's just how I say hi to them. Speaking of people, I don't really like meeting new ones. Ya see, when I was 6 months old my Mommy and Daddy decided to get me fixed. I tried to tell them not to worry about it, that I would be a good girl and not get pregnant but they just wouldn't listen. They didn't have a lot of money so they brought me to this "Low cost" place. It was a big mistake. They were mean to me there. I don't know why. They said that I was a "bad dog" but before that I hadn't had any problems at all. They just didn't like me. After that I never trusted new people again, especially ones I met outside of my home. You never know who is a bad stranger and what they might do to you.

So now my Momma and Daddy have some problems with me. They say I have something called "fixation and fear aggression". Fixation means that when I decide I am interested in something it is very hard for me to break my concentration on it. Sometimes that gets me in trouble because I want to bully two of the cats that live with us but I really do try to be good. Fear aggression means that I don't go after people and try to bite them, but if they get too close to me I get really mean sounding and try to get away. I figure that if I show them how mean I can be they will leave me alone and not hurt me. Except it upsets my people. My Momma sometimes cries because she wants me to be a good girl, and I really do want to be, but I just can't. Not when people get too close.

At home I'm usually pretty great though. That's what my Mommy tells me anyway. I love her so much and I know she loves me too. She says that she doesn't know how she could handle life without me. I make her laugh more then anything or anyone else ever has.

I really, and I mean REALLY, like water. I love to be splashed, sprayed or to go swimming. That is my favourite thing in the whole world (other then Momma that is). I could play in the water all day and night and never need to rest. I like car rides and walks too, but nothing is more fun then going swimming or playing in the hose. I can jump REALLY high when there's water splashing.

I have a big voice but really I'm just a little girl who is scared of being hurt again. But as long as I've got my Momma close by I know she'll make sure I'm okay.


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