Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hey everybody! Noelle here again. I just had a random thought and was wondering what others thought about it.

Y'all know how hard I try to be a good girl, and ya know that my Mama sometimes cries because she can't get through to me. Well, she met a guy that gets called The Dogman by people in our town and he said that he thinks he could work with me and make me a better dog.

Now I don't know if I could EVER be as good as Hector, who was a Vick's dog but is now a CGC certificate holder AND a certified therapy dog, but maybe I could be the dog my Mama keeps saying is inside me. The only problem is, he wants $150 for the 6 sessions and he wants me to be given a blood test that will cost another $100. That's a lot of money for my family!

I know my family really loves me, and they will come up with the money somehow but it sure would be nice if I could get a scholarship to help them out! What do you think?

And PLEASE don't say that if you don't have a lot of money you shouldn't have a dog. My people are poor but they take really good care of us. There are so many dogs that are not wanted that it just isn't right that people say that families like mine shouldn't exist.

If not for my Mama and Daddy Fiona would have stayed in a lonely back yard without any attention or exercise. Freckles would have been abandonned out in the country, and who knows what kind of people would have wanted an aggressive type dog like me. My Mama and Daddy saved us and that's all there is to say about THAT subject!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm a good helper

Hi Everyone!

This week I've had two days where I was really good and Mama said she was proud of me. Today she was so surprised that she almost started to cry. My humansister had left the gate to the rabbit room open and as soon as I saw it I headed straight through. Well, Mama said, "Uh uh uh, get your butt outta there!" and I DID!!!! I listened right away! Then, when Fiona was getting up on the dog bed with me, I got off and let her get on and comfortable before climbing back on myself. Normally I growl really mean even though I always let her on. I just like to grumble so that she knows that I'm not happy. Today I didn't make the teeniest noise about it.

Mama did this thing called dying her hair. I love water so much that I was helpin' her. Well, I tried to anyway. Right after this picture was taken I jumped in the bathtub to chase the water so Daddy had to come and take me out of the room. I was just tryin' to help, honest!

Mama says that this picture is not very flattering to her and she's a bit embarrassed, but I love her no matter what!

♥ Noelle ♥

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i was very very brave tonight. meemaw was very very surprised. we went outside for our last pee at about 12:30 and there was a mean mean animal out in the back alley. meemaw couldnt see it so she cant tell me what it was called but i got all my fur to stand up on end and i growled at it like the wolfies do on tv. meemaw said that i looked very scary. noelle and The Princess Fiona stood on either side of me with our shoulders touching and did the same thing. it was kinda like we were just one giant dog with three heads. even when we ran along the fence chasing the evil one we stayed touching shoulders. we just moved as one, like a machine thingy.

i just wish i knew what the creature monster was so i could show just how brave i really was. The Man Person thinks it was probably a raccoon because meemaw could hear it growling back at us but noone is sure. oh well, at least i know that i was brave!

love always and always

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New friend?

We got to meet a new little friend today! I say little because, oh my goodness gracious, he was TINY! Mommy told us that his name is Nacho and he is a teacup chihuahua. He was running loose and playing with us at our fence. We were pretty growly with him because we do not like other dogs near our yard but once Mommy picked him up and brought him over we loved him. Silly Mommy was a little bit scared that we would try to bite him so she held him really close and let us sniff him one at a time. I gave him a HUGE kiss (my tongue pretty much covered his whole body) and she told me that I was a GOOD GIRL! I had to smile at that because I could not believe she even doubted me for a second!

Then it was Noelle's turn. Now even I was a little bit nervous about that because we ALL know how mean Noelle can be if she is in a mood but she did great! Instead of one big kiss she gave Nacho a whole bunch of little ones. I was so proud of her and so was Mommy and Mary.

Then it was Freckles' turn. Silly dog. She was too scared to even sniff the teeny thing. I would have laughed if I knew how to make that noise properly.

Anyway, that was the only thing exciting that happened today. Mommy found Nacho's home and gave him back but maybe someday we can all have a little dog like that too.

Love always,
Princess Fiona