Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hey Everyone! It has been SOOO long since I got to talk to you! But today I had no choice because Mommy and Daddy did something that I am not sure of and I don't know what to do about it.
Apparantly I have a new "foster sister" whatever that means. She's got a pink nose, which I do not have, and a completely brown body, which I also do not have. But Mommy says that she's the same type of dog that I am. I don't think so! She is really whiney and won't let my Mommy be in the same room as me because she gets too lonely. So instead I am stuck on the other side of a gate and kept out of my living room and away from MY Mommy. I am very sad.

Me looking "very sad"

Mommy promises that it won't be like this all the time. She says that in a few days if we have all been good girls we will try and have us all in the same room. She also says that when Daddy or someone else is home they will take turns so none of us will be left alone.

The new dog ate my crate already and she was only in it for a little bit of time. Mommy just went to drop Daddy off at some fire place and when she came back there was a hole in MY crate! I know I don't use it anymore but it's still mine.

Anyway, I don't know how this foster thingy works. I just hope my Mommy doesn't forget about me! Here are some pictures of Reese, that is what they are calling her. As you can see, she is not as pretty as me. We'll see in a couple days just how nice she is.
From Mommy,
Hello blogger buddies. Yes, it's true. We've taken on a foster and OMG has it ever been full of drama. First of all, I found out about this poor girl through a freecycle group. A lady had gotten her from a man who was giving a BUNCH of them away outside of a bar the night before last. She took her home because she felt sorry for her but knew she couldn't keep her. So she posted that she was going to be giving her away as well. She took the little girl to a friends' house overnight and agreed that I could pick her up the following day (yesterday) after work. Well, yesterday I was so excited that I could hardly function. I went through the day bouncing off the walls and FINALLY at 6:00 I finished work. I got out to the car and Charles told me that the foster would not be happening because at 5:00 o'clock she got out of the persons' house and Animal Control got her. Well, I called Animal Control and told them we'd be there today to get her. So, after spending $100 to get her out of that horrible place we got her home.
She is not what I would get if I was looking for a pet. Her ears have been cropped, extremely short. She has scars on her face that we think was from breeding and her nipples are swollen. She has what we think is a spider bite on her elbow and cannot support any weight on it at all. BUT, she is so sweet and loving. She does not want to be left alone and can be heard crying from the sidewalk outside of our house. So, while Charles is away I am torn between my dogs, one of which is very sad and jealous, and staying with her. We had her in a crate while I dropped Charles off and yes, she bent up two of the bars within about 20 minutes. So I have no clue what we are going to do with her!
But we're going to try everything we can to get her healed and adoptable and then hopefully we will find a GREAT home for her. I'm a little nervous about that because of the ear cropping and her scars. I'm afraid that she will not be wanted. But I'll deal with that when the time comes. Right now we just need to show her that she is loved, get her trained, figure out her complete temperment and get her to the vet so she can get on the road to recovery.
And no, I did not forget about Noelle or the other girls. They will always be my best babies!