Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello to all my followers. This is, of course, The Princess Fiona.

I am very sad and depressed.

As you all know by now, we have a new foster dog named Reese. She is alright I suppose. I get to go on short walks with her and Daddy and we get to know each other a little bit. We actually just got back from a walk. That part is nice.

But, I am not getting enough time from my Daddy. We have a gate set up to keep the other Buddies and I out of the living room...which is where Reese is with my Daddy. I sing and cry and look through the bars but I cannot get to my Daddy. He says that he is trying to spend time with me, but the Reese dog makes it very hard for him. He asks me to be patient and to understand that I must share. Does he not remember that I am a Princess? Princesses do not share their Daddies. Besides, I am so well behaved and it is insulting that they think I may get into a fight. Remember....the whole Princess thing?

Last night I got to be in the living room for a while with my Daddy and the Reese dog. That was nice but not nearly enough time. I want my Daddy all to myself, all the time. He is my Daddy and I love him more than this whole wide world (my kingdom).

So you see, I have every reason to be sad. I am afraid that the Reese dog will replace me in my Daddy's heart and he will forget me forever.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reese's Piece

Hey y'all!
Just thought it was time to come on here to tell you all about ME! You already got Noelle's version, which wasn't right. I mean, c'mon now. I should have been allowed to introduce myself before that DOG had a chance to.

I don't like to talk too much about where I've been in my other life so I'll just give you a quick rundown. I was used as a breeder. I was left alone far too much and I have a lot of scars around my face from other dogs. When I was born I had my ears cut completely off to make breeding easier or whatever else my old owner had planned for me. I didn't have a lot of love given to me so I just held mine inside. Before I got to leave that place I got a bite by a big bug with 8 legs (now that's just crazy) and couldn't walk on one of my leggies. It was very swollen and it leaked nasty stuff. Okay, enough of that! Let's move on to my new life.

I was rescued by a lady outside of a bar. She brought me to a house where I was going to stay awhile but they left me alone. I escaped out a window and these people with a stinky truck picked me up and brought me to The Bad Place.

There were bars and cold floors and lots of other dogs crying to get out. I didn't have to stay there long though. The day after I got there my new "foster" parents came and got me. The Mommy cried as she sat in the cage with me and The Daddy went to get the paper stuff the man wanted in trade.

I was really scared that The Mommy was going to pick a different dog so I stayed really close to her and tried to show her that I was a very calm and well behaved dog. IT WORKED! It was raining as we drove away but to me it felt like the most beautiful spring day you could ever imagine.
The Mommy and The Daddy told me that I was a foster dog and that as soon as I was all better and "spayed" (whatever that is) I could find my forever home.

Uh huh, whatever! I've already decided where my forever home is going to be and let me tell you, you don't have to drive anywhere to get there! I'm working my magic on the Daddy the hardest because I get the feeling that he usually gets the Last Word on things. I figure that if I can make him love me the best, there's no way he'll let anyone else take me.
I am really learning to play and now that my elbow is all healed I love doing zoomies through the house or the back yard. The Mommy let me out with the other buddies but a fight happened (all Noelle's fault) so now we are kept separated. That's okay, as long as I have one of the people with me at all times I am very happy. I do not like to be alone and I make sure EVERYONE knows it.

I absolutely LOVE all people, although The Daddy really is my favourite. When they take me places I walk around very proud and try to allow everyone else to give me some love. I am a very generous dog! I don't really pay attention to the cats. They don't bug me and they don't give me love so I just ignore them.

I have an appointment to get "spayed" on November 18th. Again, I am not too sure what this means but it seems to make The Mommy happy so I suppose I will allow it. It's at a place called PETS and we went to visit it today and talk to Leslie, the owner. She was really nice. I got to have treats and lots of love from all the people there. I got to meet some dogs and cats that were in cages but The Mommy said it was okay because it was for the "spay". Oh! And Leslie is pretty sure that I can get mine For Free. That made The Mommy even happier so I have to remember that. I will do things For Free too, and then everyone will love me the very best! Right?

Note from Noelle: That fight was totally NOT MY FAULT.
Note from Mommy: It was actually my fault. I was looking at things through rose coloured glasses and gave them more trust than deserved. Hopefully down the road we can try again but for now it's separation and SMALL meetings on leash or through the gate. Lesson learned!!