Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help needed immediately!

Calling all rescues or rescuers!!

Reese needs a new home within the next week or she will end up being PTS. She needs to go to a home with NO OTHER DOGS!! We tried a second introduction after 2 months of walks with Noelle and contact through the gate and it did not go well at all. She got ahold of Noelle's face and would not let go and unfortunately Charles had to get between them. Noelle ended up biting him trying to get away from Reese. Now both dogs are in quarantine, Noelle at home and Reese at the Humane Society but there is just no way she can come back to our home at this point. We have to think of our own animals first.

Reese is one of the sweetest and most people friendly dogs I've EVER met. She is good with cats but obviously not dogs. She needs to go to someone who knows what they are doing and will give her the chance that she needs. Please help us keep this sweet baby girl alive!!!???

Sue (The Buddies' Mom)