Sunday, January 17, 2010


So, we were just told that we were supposed to have these things called New Year's Resolutions. We looked and looked and no matter how hard we tried we couldn't find them. Finally we asked Mommy what they were and she laughed at us. She said they couldn't be found, they had to be made. Now that we know what they are, we are each making some.

The Princess Fiona

#1. My first resolution is to remember that even though I AM The Princess Fiona, my subjects are worthy of respect as well. I will try to treat them like dog beings instead of lowly slaves. Furthermore I will remember that although I AM The Princess Fiona, Mommy and Daddy are Queen and King.

#2. I will learn to come when called, even when there is something more interesting than my Mommy and Daddy.

#3. I will lose 10 pounds. Well, maybe 5. No, I think 3 would be better. Okay, I will learn to love myself just as I am because I AM The Princess Fiona. Wait, I already love myself completely and totally. So, I will instead resolve to make even more people fall in love WITH me!


#1. I will learn the "touch" command and allow other people to touch me sometimes. I will try to remember that they are not going to hurt me or take me away from my Mommy and Daddy.

#2. I will get even better at leaving the kitties and bunnies alone. They are not food. I am not really hungry. Repeat, not food, not hungry. Not food, not hungry.

#3. I will keep making Mommy feel like the luckiest Mommy on Earth by smiling and kissing her as much as I can.


#1. im gonna stop being so ascared of everything that moves. and everything that doesnt.

#2. im gonna share the couch with The Princess Fiona.

#3. im gonna learn how to be a therapy dog so I can help the man person.


#1. I will learn not to jump on everyone just because they make eye contact with me.

#2. I will learn to stay outside by myself for at leat 30 minutes all by myself.

#3. I will find my forever home and never let it go.