Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hey everybody! Noelle here again. I just had a random thought and was wondering what others thought about it.

Y'all know how hard I try to be a good girl, and ya know that my Mama sometimes cries because she can't get through to me. Well, she met a guy that gets called The Dogman by people in our town and he said that he thinks he could work with me and make me a better dog.

Now I don't know if I could EVER be as good as Hector, who was a Vick's dog but is now a CGC certificate holder AND a certified therapy dog, but maybe I could be the dog my Mama keeps saying is inside me. The only problem is, he wants $150 for the 6 sessions and he wants me to be given a blood test that will cost another $100. That's a lot of money for my family!

I know my family really loves me, and they will come up with the money somehow but it sure would be nice if I could get a scholarship to help them out! What do you think?

And PLEASE don't say that if you don't have a lot of money you shouldn't have a dog. My people are poor but they take really good care of us. There are so many dogs that are not wanted that it just isn't right that people say that families like mine shouldn't exist.

If not for my Mama and Daddy Fiona would have stayed in a lonely back yard without any attention or exercise. Freckles would have been abandonned out in the country, and who knows what kind of people would have wanted an aggressive type dog like me. My Mama and Daddy saved us and that's all there is to say about THAT subject!


  1. Have you checked your area for low cost or free training classes, or talked with your local shelters/rescue groups? In my area, for example, we are fortunate to have quite a few groups that offer low-cost training classes. I'm part of an advocacy group that offers free classes for pit bulls. It's not always easy to find these resources but they are out there.

    You may also be able to work a deal with a trainer so money doesn't have to exchange hands. When I was first getting started with dogs, I was permitted to sit in on a class (with no dog) and I got one-on-one advice from one of the best trainers in the area (with my dog) in exchange for volunteer work at his kennels for a couple days. The stuff I learned from him helped me manage my dogs. I also volunteered as a helper at the local animal shelter's training classes, and this taught me even more about training and only cost me a couple hours in the evening each week. So I accumulated a lot of knowledge and hands-on experience without any cost to me.

    What on earth is the blood test for? That's a new one to me. I can understand checking for health problems as a possible source of aggressive behavior, but that's something that should be done by a vet...

  2. Hi, and thanks for commenting!

    The blood test is to test for hormonal problems to make sure there is no physical reason for her aggression/attitude problems and yes, it will be done by a vet. The trainer just wants to know the results before he'll proceed.

    Thanks for the tips. I am going to call the shelter here first thing tomorrow morning, maybe animal control too.

  3. I agree with the thing about the blood test. I have hired trainers for Daisy and no one has ever asked about any health checks. Also Noelles aggresion does not sound that severe that it would warrant looking at medical reasons, I assume she is spayed? Out local SPCA has a special Pit Bull class, I will bet if you can find one and explain your situation they might waive or reduce the fees, espcially since you have kept a dog from the shelter and are willing to work to improve the behavior and not surrender.

  4. Yes, she was spayed at 6 months and 2 days, lol. We didn't get her from the shelter though. This was before we had studied all about back yard breeding and all the bad stuff that happens with that. We got it off some guy that bred his female to some random male. We know A LOT better now and would never do it again, but I can't give up on her now that I've got her. I love her SOOOO much!

  5. Daisy came out of a backyard breeding situation, resuce pulled her and her brother out because of severe neglect. Actually they were willing to give them up since they didn't look like they would live and couldn't afford any vet bills. What city do you live in? maybe there is a rescue that will help with training costs or have trainers avilable to you.