Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honesty Meme

Princess Fiona:
1. I think that I am better then everyone else around me.
2. I do not understand why I am made to lay down on the floor with the dogs. Do I LOOK like a dog to you?
3. I despise getting wet.
4. I wish I never had to leave my Daddy's lap.
5. I really do like the other buddies.
6. I like eating toilet paper.
7. I feel pretty when I wear nail polish.
8. I wish everyone who passed by our yard would reach over the fence and pet me.
9. I admit it, sometimes I start spats with Noelle just to get her in trouble for her attitude.
10. I can sleep for 10 hours straight unless Daddy is also trying to sleep. Then I wake up about 3 times to go outside.

1. I'm not really mean, just scared.
2. I really want to eat that rabbit.
3. I have the best whine and know how to get Mommy's attention.
4. I don't really forget the rules, I just pretend.
5. I want people to like me.
6. I miss my binky.
7. I don't know if I can ever forgive Freckles for wrecking my binky.
8. I want to meet a cow. Not sure what I'll do if I get to, but I want to anyway.
9. I don't like to share, especially my babies, because I take care of my toys properly.
10. I get really sad when Mommy is mad at me, but sometimes I ignore her just to see how far I can push.

1. i dont like the black kitty.
4. the white kitty confuses me.
9. the rabbits kinda scare me.
7. i wish MY Mommy was around more.
6. i like eating toys.
2. i feel safer outside because theres no kitties.
5. i really really love The Princess Fiona and Noelle. i am lonely when im without them.
3. i dont like the car, but i like going to different places for walks.
8. im always hungry and think i should get more food.
11. i really really love getting as dirty as i can but i hate when Meemaw puts me in that bath thing.
10. i dont know how to count.


  1. Oh those were all very honest thangs to say! PS Noelle I meeted a cow once and let me tells you it is not nearly as awesum as everybuddy sez it is. I wuz skeered and excited at the same time but the cow wuz acktually very boring and finaly I reelized it wuz a big letdown.

    Yer pal Dozer

  2. Wow Dozer, you really got to meet a cow? You lucky dog! Mommy won't let me do that cuz she's afraid I'll try to eat it and end up getting kicked or something.

  3. Wow that was really cool, everybody got to tell all about them dogselves! I think that I am a princess too Fiona, shhh don't tell mom, she says I am spoiled!