Sunday, February 8, 2009


Wooo hooo, I get to try this now!

My name is Freckles and I am just over a year old. I'm not supposed to be living here anymore but my Mommy wouldn't let HER Mommy and Daddy get rid of me. (hee hee hee)

My Meemaw (the one that does all this typing for us) is part of this group on the computer thingy called Freecycle. Well one day she read this thing that said that someone had a "Pit Bull" and they were afraid it would hurt their little kids. That "Pit Bull" was me even though that's not even what I am. I am a Boxer/Lab mix, and we think I have a bit of Greyhound thrown in. Well, my Meemaw loves the "Pit Bull" type doggies and was really mad when she read that they were scared of a little puppy so she went to get me. She thought she would pick me up and keep me for just a little bit until she could find a good home for me. I guess a lot of people do mean things to the "Pit Bull" doggies and she didn't want that to happen to me.
She went to get me and the other people had kept me all locked up by myself with no food, water or even lights and heat. I was really really scared so I cried a lot. Meemaw could hear me but couldn't get to me until the other people brought me out. I was only about 2 months old so I don't know why they thought I'd hurt anyone.

She brought me home and I got to meet Fiona and Noelle. Fiona didn't really care about me too much at first but Noelle did. It was so nice to have someone to play with and I chased her all around the yard. Fiona warmed up to me after awhile, but from the very start Noelle thought I was her very own little puppy.

When my Mommy saw me she made a lot of noise like she was hurt, but really she was just really excited to see me. She begged and cried and whined until her Mommy, who is my Meemaw, said that she could keep me but that she would have to pay for all my stuff. She said yes so now I am here to stay!!!

I'm not a really really smart doggie, but I AM really really nice. I am a little bit ascared of strangers but I don't bite them or anything, I just run away and hide behind my Mommy. I listen to what I'm told really good as long as I understand what exactly it is that I am being told to do. Sometimes I get really really confused and then I just lay down.

Fiona really loves me now and I spend most of the time with her. Noelle still loves me a lot but she scares me when she gets cranky.

My Mommy works and goes to school so I don't get to see her very much but I really really love when I DO get to spend time with her. Sometimes I wiggle around so much that my hip and my nose touch. Meemaw laughs at me when I do that because I walk that way and I look like a donut. My favourite things to do are to get dirty, get wet, get dirty again, chase Fiona and Noelle and cuddle with my Mommy, Meemaw and the Man Person. I know they really love me cuz they tell me I'm a good girl all the time, even if I have a really really confused day or if I get really really dirty!