Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mean Mommy

Hey everyone! This is Noelle and I'm not a very happy girl right now. Do you know what my Mommy did? No? Well let me just tell you then!

Yesterday morning I woke up and like every morning we had lots of animals in the house. There's us three dogs, three cats, a bunch of fish and birds and two rabbits. Those rabbits drive me crazy. I know they're there. I can smell them. Every once in awhile I can hear them. And if I get really lucky, sometimes I am allowed to go see them. They are kept in big metal wire cages so I can't touch them, but I can get my nose RIGHT next to them.

Okay, so all that is normal. But here's what happened that ISN'T normal. I LOST MY CAGE!!!!! I was playing outside like I always do on nice days. Mommy and Daddy went out with the human sister, which is normal. But when they came back the human sister was gone and they were carrying a little black bag. When I went in later that day, my big cage was gone! Now, I don't really need the cage. I never use it unless I'm being really bad and then Mommy puts me in it for a time out. But lately she's just been putting me in the room by myself and not bothering with the cage. But even so, it's MINE! So I searched around for it and guess what? I FOUND IT! In the rabbit room. With a NEW rabbit in it!!! So now not only is there another rabbit in the house that I'm not allowed to eat, but it's in MY CAGE!!!
Nope, not very happy at all!

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