Thursday, February 26, 2009

Noelle's apology

I did a very bad thing today and it made my Mommy really mad. She came into the bedroom to cuddle me and when she sat down on the doggy bed I growled at her. She got so mad and I thought I was done living here. She yelled at me and made me get off the bed cuz it's a p..r..i..v..i...l...e...d...g...e to have a doggy couch and not a right. Then Daddy made me lay down on a pillow on the FLOOR for the evening! I knew I had messed up and tried really hard to lay down at Mommy's feet and just be a good girl. I got distracted a couple times by the kitty but when Daddy told me to lay back down I did right away.

A couple good things happened today though. I got to go for a car ride to the park and climb a big mountain. Mommy hurt her knee so we had to be really slow going back down. And then I got to go for ANOTHER car ride to go pick up my human sister from work. I love car rides more then almost anything.

But I've just had a bad day other then that. I couldn't stop being bad at all. Mommy said the growling thing was the "last straw!" in her day with me. I'm really really REALLY sorry Mommy!

From Mommy: We are trying to get Noelle into training with someone in town who is known as "The Dogman". He's supposed to be really good at dealing with problem dogs, and has retrained many dogs that were seen as untrainable. Hopefully we can figure out a way to get her in because I KNOW in my heart that Noelle is a good dog inside. I just can't seem to find the trick in getting to her when she gets into her bad behavior days. If it was all the time it would be different, but she is so unpredictable and that makes her a bit of a danger. Hope we can get the problem fixed and my sweet little girl can be known to more people then just our family! On a good note, I DID get the absolute best picture of Noelle EVER. Made me laugh so hard I cried.

Yeah, she laughed at me a lot. I don't know where my other ear went. I honesty DO have two of them!


  1. When Felanie, our first pit bull, got dumped on us, she was a handful and a half--fear issues out the wazoo and the same growly "this is MY spot" stuff going on. I was scared of her (still had "evil pit bull" stereotype in my head), and it was also frustrating because I didn't understand how to deal with any of it.

    We consulted with a professional trainer, who had us implement No Free Lunch, aka Nothing In Life is Free. Fel's behavior improved dramatically. Heck, MY behavior improved dramatically.

    Fel turned out to be the best dog ever. My "heart dog."

    So--I know where you're coming from. :)

  2. I have done the same thing as Jennifer (above) with the no free lunch thing with Daisy. Anything she gets or does (eat walks etc), she has to give me something first. A sit,a lay a wait etc. I hired a trainer for differnt reasons, the other two dogs. She was fine with people. You will work through it, just get someone good. And practice all the time.

  3. Hello Noelle! I just had to stop by and say hello after you left your kind words on my blog. I think you're very pretty... especially when you have one ear sticking up in the air! Lol!

    Your Pal,

  4. Hi Daisy's Mom and Jennifer,
    I've tried the no free lunch thing and it works when she's "normal" but when she gets into her obsessive stuff it's like everything around her disappears. It's actually a little bit scary to watch. We have also been trying the Caesar Milan way of training for the past 3-4 months and it USUALLY works, she has improved quite a bit with some of her issues. Cannot seem to stop others though. We will keep working on her forever as long as she doesn't cross the line and actually hurt someone. As Jennifer said, she is my heart dog. I've never had such a connection with any animal before.

    Trooper, Noelle says thank you for thinking she is pretty and that she will keep reading your blog forever and ever.