Sunday, February 15, 2009

Freckles' fears

Hi there everybody.

I'm really really ascared today. Meemaw and the man person have a big huge black kitty cat. They think he's really really sweet but he's not! He scares me a whole bunch. When he comes into the room I run away and try to hide. If the people aren't around then I will hide behind The Princess Fiona but if they are then I will get as close to them as I can.

I know I'm the biggest dog here and it's just a kitty cat. Noelle laughs at me all the time cuz she's not ascared of him. But I am. There's mean thoughts going on in that fuzzy head of his and I just know he wants to eat me or somethin'. Oh no, he's comin'. I gotta go!!!!


  1. Don't any of your "kids" have a name for Charles other than the man person? :)

  2. Wow well that is a purty big kitty! I thinks you are right to be skeered. Big kittys mean big scratchies on the face!!

    Yer pal Dozer