Thursday, March 18, 2010

Service Dog

Hello to all My followers. This is The Princess Fiona.

I am no longer just a simple pet to My people. I am now a service dog for my Daddy. In case you do not know, that means I am even more special than I was before.

My Daddy has depression and social anxiety and that makes it very hard for him to do things like shopping or any type of going out in the public. It is My job to make it easier for Him. When He starts to get nervous or stressed it is My job to help Him focus on something other than the scary things. It is a great job! It means that I get to go with Him to Walmart and the mall and wherever else He wants to go. I get to wear a special vest to show off what a great dog I am too!

Daddy says that I make His life much better. I wonder if He knows how great He makes MY life too?!

And there is good news about the foster dog Reese. Mama and Daddy are now working with North Texas Bully Rescue and Bully Breed Human Society in Lawton. They are going to help them find her a great home. That will mean I will get even more time with my Daddy AND Reese will get to have a forever family. Everybody wins!

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  1. pitties are such great lookin into getting my pitty Motley into some more programs so he can go to nursing homes and stuff..great publicity for the pitbull breed. Keep it up. check Motley out if you get a chance